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Helpful Links For Anxiety Disorders

  • Anxiety and Depression Association of America – A national nonprofit organization that works to raise awareness and improve the lives of people living with anxiety and depression, Anxiety and Depression Association of America is a comprehensive resource for facts and information about a variety of anxiety-related issues as well as treatment options.
  • – Developed by doctors at the UCLA Anxiety Disorders Research Center, bridges the gap between professionals and consumers by offering a wealth of research-based news and information in a consumer-friendly format.
  • The Anxiety Network – The Anxiety Network provides information about panic disorders, generalized anxiety, and social anxiety. News, blog posts by anxiety experts, and information about related issues and how to cope with anxiety are also offered.

The Relationship Guide

The Relationship Guide prides itself at helping you get the “Total Connection” in your love life. This is where the mind, heart, body and soul are intertwined into the relationship you’ve always desired! I am flattered to be recognized as Detroit’s Love Guru, and have written this book as a follow up or “improvement” to my first book: Seize That Total Connection. Since I am all about constant growth and improvement, I wanted to give readers even more tools and thought provoking insights to help improve their love lives. This book is dedicated to all of those who crave having a terrific, romantic, loving and passionate relationship! It’s for the married, cohabiting, or in a new relationship. PLUS this is for the single people with hopes in finding and maintaining a fantastic and sexually fulfilling relationship!

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