Stress Management

Stress Management

Stress is very common and in many cases is a good thing. Stress can help us feel attentive and can help us accomplish many tasks very well. In addition, if we are too calm during certain situations we can feel less motivated which will lead us not to react well and possibly make a bad decision. The issue occurs when we have too much stress and many times comes from overusing our bodies natural resources. This can lead to physical problems such as difficulty sleeping, heart disease, obesity, depression and anxiety disorders. However, stress can be management with certain steps and help from therapy.

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Stress Management Tips

  • Deep Breathing– This is always a sure fire way to lower your stress by lowering your heart rate.  By taking deep breaths it increases the amount of oxygen in your blood and will instantly make us more relaxed.  A huge help is to simply SLOW your exhale. 
  • Smile More – Experts agree that smiling more makes us feel more relaxed and happy.  It can trigger a key emotional center in our brain that helps us be more calm.  It is a very simple thing we can do to lower our stress, so why not try it now?
  • Mediation – This technique is probably the best one to practice. Mediation is extremely effective and it increases your calmness. It can help get rid of many negative thoughts and will help you focus.
  • Less Coffee – Caffeine is a stimulate that tends to make you more anxious and is linked to certain psychiatric disorders.  Try going decaf or even drinking green tea instead of coffee.

Helpful Links For Stress Management

  • American Heart Association – Great resources regarding stress management and technigues to take control of your life.
  • The American Institute of Stress – The American Institute of Stress is a nonprofit organization that provides information and resources about various causes and symptoms of stress, as well as materials for stress solutions and treatment
  • Stress Free Kids – Family dynamics and conflicts can put a strain on all family members, creating stress and anxiety for children and adults alike. Parents can use to introduce children to basic mindfulness techniques, help boost their self-esteem, and make bedtime easier.

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