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Love Is A Story

Love is a story. It’s a journey of bliss, or setbacks, challenges and joy. Remember you are the author of your story. How do you want to be loved, to be desired, respected. Do you want affection, passionate sex and to be a priority in your story? What is your leading role partner about? Does he challenge you mentally, honest…

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Contemplating An Affair

Have you been contemplating having an affair? Not getting your needs met with your current partner? Chances are you are feeling ignored, not desired, not listened to, taken for granted, or not important. Perhaps you are craving a combination of these elements? Typically both men and women who contemplate an affair have longed for these cravings, and typically for some…

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Lessons In Humility And Humanity

Yes, we all need to learn key elements in humanism and world view into people and kindness. We do not know everyone’s story or circumstances… A few years ago I just finished teaching a few college classes, and was on my way to my counseling office. Well this “young punk ass” (well there were other expletives used) ran a red…

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