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Ask A Question

Not all counselors are the same! Make sure it’s a good fit for you! Crucial!!! It is my belief, that no counselor or therapist should tell couples to divorce or stay together! This is a very biased, judgmental , unethical, and simply arrogant stance! No one walks in your shoes, or lives your life. I will help you make the healthiest decisions for yourself or relationship, though ultimately it is my clients’ decision on which life paths to pursue.

Domestic violence situations, are to be taken very seriously. It is my intention to make sure each party is safe, secured, out of harm’s way, and to remain as such. Sadly, even with these intentions this cannot be guaranteed.

Do not be mislead that high session rates equal quality counseling. This, sadly is not always the case. Yes, there are others who charge double or more for their services, though may promote no or minimal results.

At the other end of the spectrum may be novice counselors with low rates hoping to build their client load. Often, these lack the experience, insights, and training to help fully embrace and help you through your challenges.

A few questions to ask to help you choose wisely:
Are you fully licensed or limited licensed?
Ask for license # and it can be verified here:
Do you have to work under supervision (typically meaning they are limited, not fully licensed) ?
How long have you been licensed?
Any complaints filed against you?
How much experience do you have in helping (couples, children, with such a challenge, etc),
Do you have specialized training in such an area?

Also, does this person sound caring, genuine and easy to speak with over the phone?
These are only guidelines to see if I am, or another therapist is a good fit to help you through your challenges.

Many counselors / therapist are generalists only, thus do not specialize in a certain practice area (couples, children etc..) Be careful of larger agencies who consider to be “Jack / Jill of all trades.” These professionals may only know basics, lacking any training or long-term experience in a specialized area. Sadly offering minimal, if any benefit, perhaps causing further problems.

One last piece of insight. The counselor is there for you! Not to serve their own emotional needs, or heal their own wounds. Please be careful of a therapist’s own person biases, or judgmental behavior. Counselors are human as well, though perhaps not ill intended, though can cause further harm than good. An example may be a counselor going through, or recently divorced and having her/husband have an affair. Then a client comes to him/her stating her/his spouse cheated.. This counselor may, because of her/his own issues, say you need to divorce because all women/men cheat!” This is highly unethical and unprofessional. Remember, this is your life, not the counselors!

This is not meant to deter you from seeking help, not at all. There are very helpful and competent counselors out there. This is to further educate you so you can make the best decision for your needs, comfort level, and ultimately your well-being. [🙂]
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