Sexual Concerns

Sexual Concerns

Sexual health specialist caters Couples or Individuals Enduring sexual health concerns & Sexual Difficulties such as:

Low or inhibited sexual desire/interest
Erectile Difficulties
Early Ejaculation
Performance Anxieties (fears about sex, one’s ability, taboos, beliefs, values)
Body Image (too thin or large; penis size; breast size; deformations)
Orgasmic difficulties (preorgasmic primary and secondary)
Dyspareunia (vaginal pain during intercourse)
Vaginismus (tightening or contractions of the vaginal walls/areas)
Traumatic events (former or current rape, abuse, molestation, incest)
Sexual Incompatibility

*Seek help of sexual specialist. Above are the common terms used by either general public, or
medical community with sex counselling for married couples..

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