You’re going through a lot of grief right now. You’re grieving the loss of that person and the loss of the future you imagined you’d have together. In other circumstances, you’re also bereaved for the person you thought you knew. So, don’t be shocked if you go through all the grieving phases. Denial is a possibility. Allow it to rise and pass through you. Sadness may arise. Allow it to arrive. Allow yourself to experience guilt, fury, joy, resentment, relief, and terror. It’s going to be unpleasant. The more you give in to these emotions, the faster they will pass.
Try to obtain Extra Help.
Your friends genuinely care about you and wish the best for you. However, this might also indicate their strong feelings about your method. Our course, Healing After a Breakup, can help you in this situation. Our practice will hold space for all your feelings, enabling you to process your sorrow at your rate and provide you with kind and honest feedback to help you get past your split.
Start Loving Yourself
What do you think? You’ve already met the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with, and that person is YOU! It’s time to get to know her. What does she like doing? When does she feel the most seductive? What does she want to be treated like? Treat this person with the utmost respect so that when you meet a new possible spouse, you will know precisely how she deserves to be treated and will accept nothing less. Be true to yourself with our course Healing after a breakup.

Do all those things that make you happy, but the thing is, they are only temporary bandages. They force your sentiments down and dull them, keeping all that unpleasant energy inside you. If you’re serious about transforming your breakup into a significant breakthrough and emerging as a changed person, prioritize your health. You’ll recover faster, feel better when you’re ready to date again, and you’ll be able to flaunt your post-breakup glow.

Once you’ve healed your shattered heart and feel like you’re ready to play, get out there and start dating again. Dating is pleasant, an occasion to dress up, and an opportunity to put all you’ve learned from your breakup to use (asking for what you want, receiving, setting boundaries, etc.). And how should you handle dating at this period? Being completely detached from the outcome! When you go out on dates with no aspirations of anybody being your next admirer, you’ll relieve a lot of the strain of dating and enjoy the pleasure of it all!
The Art of Relationships has brought their course for all those who can’t move on from their breakup. You will start recovering from your past through their system and can easily trust your feelings. By this, you will lose all the burden of pain behind you, can start a new life, and will start loving yourself again. If you are going through Breakup pain and think it is not easy to move on from that person, then I would say that this Healing After a Breakup is good for you.

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