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Marriage & Couples Counseling

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The Art of Relationships

                                                                        Sexual Concerns

Couples or Individuals Enduring Sexual Difficulties such as:

Below are common terms used by the general public and even medical community.
Though I rather highlight more challenges outside the huge profit medical and pharmaceutical
machines.  See below for more people centered and gender friendly domains in the sexual satisfaction realms.

Low or inhibited sexual desire/interest
Erectile Difficulties
Early Ejaculation
Performance Anxieties (fears about sex, one’s ability, taboos, beliefs, values)
Body Image (too thin or large; penis size; breast size; deformations)
Orgasmic difficulties (preorgasmic primary and secondary)
Dyspareunia (vaginal pain during intercourse)
Vaginismus (tightening or contractions of the vaginal walls/areas)
Traumatic events (former or current rape, abuse, molestation, incest)
Sexual Incompatibility

More people and gender friendly oriented realms:

Sexual problems due to:

sociocultural, political, or economic factors
partner or relationships factors
psychological factors
physiological or medical factors

(New View

Sadly, many people suffering from sexual challenges are left feeling alone, isolated, belittled,  ashamed,  and the list can continue…….  I help most of the above symptoms using  a team/partner approach.  Even if you are single and endure the above challenges, I will be able to help!  In couples,

I view many of these  situations as a couple challenge, versus an individual problem.  This enables the couple to remain intimate, close and feeling together.  Your partner or yourself is not the “enemy!”  The “problem” is and I help you to work together to overcome the challenge and have you enjoying a  sexually, emotionally passionate, and satisfying sex life!

Many of these challenges result from insecurities, self-esteem, and sadly past traumas.  There are also medical complications that can cause the above symptoms as well and I work in conjunction with medical  professionals to ensure a collaborative effort in care. Medical issues could relate from prostate, cervical cancer, vaginal inflammations, pelvic muscular, diabetes, high blood pressure, tilted cervix, or numerous other medical complications.  I gladly work in conjunction with your medical professional in helping you develop healthier, less painful, and enjoyable sexual lives again!

An important reminder!  Do NOT fall into the mainstream taboos about sexual “dysfunctions”!  People are the ones who should define their own problems.  Sexual discontent and dissatisfaction vary substantially!   Many of these factors are affected by culture, life stage, and relationship dynamics.

Additionally, one would think that every gynecologist, urologist, or other
medical specialist is well versed in sexual challenges relating from medical
problems.  Sadly this is not always the case.  I want to ensure you obtain the
best, most appropriate care in this team and collaborative effort approach!

You will NOT feel alone any longer!

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