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Marriage Counseling  Metro Detroit & Southfield

Greg Dudzinski, MS, LPC

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Marriage & Couples Counseling

Southfield & Metro Detroit

The Art of Relationships

My marriage and relationship counseling philosophy is prided on the effective research and expert clinical works of Dr.Susan Johnson (Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy), plus the foundations of Terry Real and Esther Perel.   

                                                         Relationship & Marriage Reconnecting

* Heal from the trauma of an affair
* Create deeper emotional, passionate & physical connections!
* Stop the constant arguing, bickering and distance!
* Cease the withdraw & pursue patterns
* Learn the power of “genuine” forgiveness
* Feel important to your partner and to yourself!
* Feel more revitalized and positive energy in your relationship!

My work centers on helping revitalize relationships which centers on rebuilding the emotional connections and safety once shared! This includes building a “Total Connection.”  The total connection embraces your heart, mind, body and soul and how they all integrate together!  A major aspect to this, involves increasing the level of emotional trust, intimacy and confidence within one’s self and the relationship.   Ultimately, this creates a stronger, healthier, and more fulfilling intimate bond.  Sadly, many "textbook" relationship specialists pride themselves on changing your thoughts in your relationships.  However, you may think one way, though if you do not feel it in your heart, soul and gut, it won't last.  I want you to feel the positive changes and growth towards one another in your heart, soul and gut!

I help partners grow and mature with one another and as individuals. The blame-game and tit -for-tats are eliminated. It does take each partner to be able to look at her or himself honestly, genuinely, and take responsibility for their role in  creating any relationship challenge. I do provide

a very safe environment for couples to do just this.

My passion is to help rekindle and strengthen your intimacy by helping decrease the emotional distance in your relationship, while increasing healthy and secure intimacy levels. Intimacy is not just physical. It also involves feeling safe emotionally, mentally and soulfully. There will be no walking on those proverbial egg shells, or taboo topics within your relationship. Each partner will have the inner strength to discuss desired needs and wants to his or her partner. This also creates a more fun, lively, and deeper sexual chemistry .

All marriages reach tough spots. Growing beyond these is the key! Many couples continue to repeat these, due to a lack of knowledge or tools. Others tend to argue about the same issues; because it’s more comfortable to argue versus grow.  Many don’t like the anxiety that growth requires in allowing a passionate and healthy relationship. This anxiety create a burr under each person’s butt that later causes relationship death. A path thus ensues towards boredom, desire being killed, then further emotional withdraw. The next fork on that destructive path has two cross roads: 1) Divorce or 2) A lifeless, desire-less, passionless relationship, that may result in emotional or physical affairs.

So, you see marriage has a way to force you to grow and develop, even if you do not want to. I help you grow towards one another, creating desire, passion and wanting for one another so the negative alternatives don’t force that decision upon you. [🙂]

I have helped thousands of couples transcend their relationships from the turmoil of affairs (both emotional and physical) and emotional disconnect; to relationships of deep intimacy, happiness, and genuine trust that neither partner has ever experienced. This includes helping countless couples transform their sexless relationship into one of passion, closeness, and satisfaction on both physical and emotional levels, plus obtain self-confidence in the process.

It takes the dedication of both partners working towards each other, versus running away from one another. I offer the tools and strategies in a safe environment that will create relationship healing and prosperity.

Affairs: Emotional & Physical * Other Trust Aspects *  Sexual & Intimacy Challenges * Communication * Not Feeling Important or Respected

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Important Fact: Healthy, stable, and happy relationships have 5 times more positive interactions than negative.

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