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Marriage Counseling  Metro Detroit & Southfield

Greg Dudzinski, MS, LPC

Detroit's Love Guru

Licensed Professional Counselor

Relationship & Sex Specialist

Greg Dudzinski, MS, LPC

(313) 614-9498

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(313) 614-9498

Marriage & Couples Counseling

Southfield & Metro Detroit

The Art of Relationships

Subject Matter

* What exactly is a Toxic Relationship or Marriage?

* Exploring the Realities and Fears

* How You Ended Up Here

* Preparation to Exit the Toxic Relationship

* Growth and Future Awareness

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Recordings of each workshop will be made available in the private Facebook groups!

* You will be heard! Literally, your voice will be heard!
* LIVE Q & A during each workshops!
* Private members only Facebook group for further discussion,   insights and 
   self-help support!
* Further Q & A and continued support in the private Facebook
* Exercises & worksheets to enhance and solidify your learning!

You are afraid of leaving this toxic relationship.  There is constant fighting, arguing, even verbal or physical abuse. Fears of being alone, financial concerns and embarrassment all surround your very being.  I fully understand and will help you gain the strength to move to a healthier, happier life!

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