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Marriage Counseling  Metro Detroit & Southfield

Greg Dudzinski, MS, LPC

Detroit's Love Guru

Licensed Professional Counselor

Relationship & Sex Specialist

Greg Dudzinski, MS, LPC

(313) 614-9498

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(313) 614-9498

Marriage & Couples Counseling

Southfield & Metro Detroit

The Art of Relationships

Week 1: The foundation of the problems

        * Understanding Anger v Hurt

        * Perceptions

        * Genuine Remorse

        * Taking Ownership

        * Relationship Expectations


Week 2: Repairing and Building Intimacy

        * Truly Knowing Your Partner
        * Tearing Down the Walls

        * Healing Touches
        * Building Safety & Intimacy
        * Trust Building
        * Recommitting

Week 3: Starting to Reignite

        * Being Authentic
        * Reducing Fears of Expression

        * Desiring and Wanting
        * Purposeful Touching        
        * Expectations Assessed

Coming Soon!

28 Days to Reignite Your Relationship (c)

Week 4: Continued Growth and Closeness

     * Preparing for Back-Slides

     * Solidifying Romance and Sensuality

     * Your New Selves

     * Keeping the Fire Burning