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Marriage Counseling  Metro Detroit & Southfield

Greg Dudzinski, MS, LPC

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Marriage & Couples Counseling

Southfield & Metro Detroit

The Art of Relationships

Week 1: The foundation of the problems

        * Understanding Anger v Hurt

        * Perceptions

        * Genuine Remorse

        * Taking Ownership

        * Relationship Expectations


Disclosure:  This program is guaranteed to help you grow, become more self-aware in your relationship and life! Though no program will benefit you or your relationship unless you put forth the effort.
It involves work from both parties.  This program is not face-face counseling that is typically provided by myself.  Those in a chronic domestic violence situation are advised to seek assistance through your local domestic violence resources or by calling 1-800-799-7233.   Thank you so much!  Greg Dudzinski, MS, LPC

Week 2: Repairing and Building Intimacy

        * Truly Knowing Your Partner
        * Tearing Down the Walls

        * Healing Touches
        * Building Safety & Intimacy
        * Trust Building
        * Recommitting

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Week 3: Starting to Reignite

        * Being Authentic
        * Reducing Fears of Expression

        * Desiring and Wanting
        * Purposeful Touching        
        * Expectations Assessed

Do you want that relationship you've always craved?  Then 28 days is the program is for you!  It is a self study program that I've designed to help you dig deep, get more emotionally connected and have the passion back in your relationship or marriage!  My passion for helping you is very genuine and sincere!  This program is very different, because I will guide you with videos and worksheets. I will be there with you through this journey!  28 days to Ignite Your Relationship (c) is developed with a down-to-earth approach providing real results.  There is no psychobabble to confuse you.  There is no hype or BS! 

Realize that no relationship is perfect!  There will be ebbs and flows throughout your lifetime.  These are normal!  What is not normal is feeling disconnected, even a dislike for one another.  Not healthy is constant bickering, fighting and arguing.  These elements hurt and burn holes of resentment, trust issues, and distance in your relationship.  They simply suck! 

With 28 days, it is my belief that you will feel a deeper, more connected  marriage or relationship than you ever though possible!  You will be more emotionally and physically together after this program!  You will be more confident in yourself and in one another.  There will be no wondering or confusion where you or your partner stand.  Arguments will be lessened as you both will actually be heard and understood.   You will be able to communicate from the heart, not the anger or distance!  There will be no taboo topics of discussion, and most importantly you will be living the relationship you both have always craved and desired! 

Plus you will receive bonus videos and self-help templates!

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28 Days to Ignite Your Relationship (c)

Week 4: Continued Growth and Closeness

     * Preparing for Back-Slides

     * Solidifying Romance and Sensuality

     * Yourself Evolved

     * Keeping the Fire Burning