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      Greg Dudzinski, MS, LPC      

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The "RELATIONSHIP" in my business name not only refers to romantic relationships, but involves the relationship you have with yourself.  It encompasses your sense of self, self-esteem, and helping you grow into the person you desire to be!  I also specialize in helping you through grief & loss challenges,as well as traumatic induced events.

Ultimately, it is my purpose to help improve your relationship, marriage or personal life; while decreasing your frustrations so you can live a happier and more fulfilling life!   My services are
prided on discretion, being non-judgmental and results oriented!
Most importantly, I do not place “band-aids” over your difficulties; I strive to help you grow and instill healthy changes that last a life time! I work at applying the fewest amount of sessions possible, and to guard against a return of negative feelings or behaviors if the proverbial “shit hits the fan” down the road! :)

PLEASE UNDERSTAND:Because of my drive and passion to help you have an incredible relationship or improved sense of self, I only work with those who are willing to actually do the work, put forth the energy and effort to transform their relationship or lives!  My clients also are willing to look into themselves.

I offer a down-to-earth and very safe atmosphere, along with flexible hours to meet your needs: including mornings, afternoons, evenings, and Saturday.  For certain challenges. 
I also provide Telephone, Email and Video Chat sessions  where appropriate.

Nervous about seeking help?  You are not alone!  I provide a very relaxed and safe place for you to explore your challenges, hurts and goals for improving your life! 

                   Give me a call  (313) 614-9498 or email me (greg@theartofrelationships.org) with

                                                                  any questions  you have! 

                                                     I will work my butt off to help you!

Greg is available for speaking engagements, events and presentations covering an array of relationship and grief topics

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   STOP the hurt, distance  and suffering Now!

    My passion is helping couples become more   emotionally and physically connected than they have ever experienced in their marriage or relationship!  Have that intimacy on all levels you've always imagined!   I do this with care, compassion and profound results!

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"Achieving the Relationship You Crave"

“Greg, you saved our marriage and just celebrated our 18 year anniversary! I wish there were many more therapists like you out there and so very glad we found you!  You are passionate and so caring about your work  and of people.  You are just awesome at what you do!  Thank you!”

Your very welcome Greg. I really always had the best times and so much fun in all your classes that you taught at Baker. You made learning so much fun. All your students all loved you including me. You made a depressing subject in that one class Death and Dying seem so less painful and helped so many at the same time struggling with that very subject. You totally were awesome and handled it smoothly. I have learned alot from all the 4 classes that you were my teacher. I totally respect you and it was a honor and a privilege to have such an awesome person, a scholar and also a friend in you. Wishing you the best of luck in all and everything you do. Take it easy Greg and thanks again.

It is my essence to help couples obtain that  "TOTAL CONNECTION" This is the place where the mind, body, heart and soul meet harmoniously.  It's the very premise of the counseling I provide!

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“I have seen many shrinks before Greg, and was forced to see a few after he relocated.  He made the others seem useless and raised the bar very high for other counselors.  He helped me out personally and my wife too immensely!”


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